Laura*, Parent

Laura* (not her real name) is the mother of a 16 year old young man who went through the Duke Adolescent IOP program. She speaks candidly and with great insight into the process of discovering her son ‘s drug use and finding treatment. She also describes what it was like to be in the program, the benefits, the challenges, and the lessons she learned along the way.

Laura* talks about learning that addiction is a medical illness and not just a behavioral problem, that the goal is treatment not punishment, that short term goals led to success, and that not using is genuinely hard for her child.

Laura* what were the most important things you learned from the IOP? from Jennifer Segura on Vimeo.

Laura* talks about the difficult process of getting help for her son’s drug use and how they found the Duke adolescent substance use treatment program.

Laura* How we came to be in the AIOP from Jennifer Segura on Vimeo.

Laura* describes how it felt to work with the substance use treatment team, what it was like being in the program, and how they helped in a crisis.

Laura’s* feelings about coming into the program and what it was like from Jennifer Segura on Vimeo.

Laura* talks about the hopefulness of meeting other families graduating from the program, how meeting the other adolescents in the program helped change her thinking that her child was a “bad kid,” and the realization that they are all just normal families.

Laura* the benefits of family group work from Jennifer Segura on Vimeo.

Laura* talks about the logistical and emotional challenges including the anger, guilt, and blame that come with finding out your child is using drugs, and the stress of talking about those feelings in the family therapy sessions.

Laura* What was the hardest part of being in the program? from Jennifer Segura on Vimeo.

Laura* speaks about her wish that more schools and pediatricians knew about Duke’s IOP because it provides an opportunity for adolescents to be successfully treated while living at home.

Laura* and the IOP as a treatment option for substance abuse from Jennifer Segura on Vimeo.

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